Real Estate Mortgage Loan Philippines

Real Estate Mortgage Loan - Low Interest Rate of only 0.75%-1.39% per month.

Real Estate Mortgage Loan Philippines – Quick Processing & Low Interest Rate of 0.75%-1.7% per month.

Real Estate Mortgage Loan is preferred by most businessmen and professionals in the Philippines.  They prefer low interest rate and quick processing mortgage loan because aside from getting higher loan approval, they can get a longer repayment period.  Real Estate Mortgage Loan’s bigger amount of loan approval plus longer repayment period is best suited for business expansion and for putting up a new business.

Don’t you know that most successful businessmen started their business by mortgaging their properties and used it to finance their business expansion?  Most businessmen decide to mortgage their properties to acquire other businesses and acquiring bargain properties where they gain a big amount of money when they re-sell it. We accept real estate properties like residential lot, commercial lot, farm lot, farm land, beach lot, raw land, condo, townhouse, house and lot, commercial units, commercial building, warehouse etc.  Take advantage of Real Estate Mortgage Loan low interest rate of only 0.75%- 1.7% per month..



Real Estate Mortgage Loan Philippines’ is highly recommended for business capital, for house construction/ repairs or for purchasing rush sale or bargain properties. Applying real estate mortgage loan online is so easy by just following a step-by-step guide.  Please see qualifications and requirements below, if you qualify and can produce the requirements then don’t hesitate to apply online.


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Why you should apply for Real Estate Mortgage Loan?

– Low interest rate

– Big loan approval

– Longer repayment period

– Suitable for business capital

– Good for financing house repairs

– Good for purchasing rush sale properties

– Good for financing house construction projects


Real Estate Mortgage Loan Philippines Qualifications:

– Filipino citizen 21-59 years old (extended to 65 years old)
– Residential, commercial and Agri. properties

Real Estate Mortgage Loan Requirements:.

– Original Certificate Title (OCT) or Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) if house & lot
– Condominium Certificate of Title (CCT) if condo unit
– Tax Declaration
– Real Estate Tax Receipt (RETR)
– Tax Clearance
– Vicinity Map
– Pictures of property (Front, side, rear and inside)
– Tax Identification Number (TIN)
– Residence Certificate (Cedula acquired from City or Town Hall)
– Marriage contract, if married
– If employed, new Certificate of Employment plus latest 2 month pay slip
– If self-employed (Own business) SEC/DTI, Brgy./Mayors Permit, Three (3) months bank Statement
– If borrower, has no proof of income or over 60 years old, need to have an immediate family as co-borrower with steady source of income.
– Completely filled-up Application Form
– 2×2 picture (4 copies)
– Photocopy of 2 valid IDs (any ID with picture & signature, preferably government-issued like PRC ID, Driver’s license, BIR TIN, Voter’s ID, Passport, NBI & Police clearance, etc. ) Show IDs upon loan release.
– Proof of Billing (Latest original Electric or Water bill only, even if not under borrower’s name)


Co-Borrower Requirements:

Co-owner is automatically becomes a co-borrower

– Age must be 21-58 years old
– If married, spouse is automatic as co-borrower (With or without income)
– If Borrower has NO income, Immediate family (father, mother, brother, sister, kids 21 years old and above)
– Must have contact number
– 2×2 picture (two copies)
– Photocopy of 2 valid IDs (any ID with picture & signature, preferably government-issued like PRC ID, Driver’s license, BIR TIN, Voter’s ID, Passport, NBI & Police clearance, etc. ) Show IDs upon loan release.

Real Estate Mortgage Loan Philippines Loanable Amount:

30%-80% of appraised value of property depends on type of property and location of property.


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Real Estate Mortgage Loan: Real Estate Mortgage Loan - Low Interest 0.75% - 0.83% /month in Ph.

Real Estate Mortgage Loan: Yes! We offer Low Interest @ 0.75% - 0.83% per month Real Estate Mortgage Loan for all Types of Properties in the Philippines. We accept real estate mortgage loans on all types of commercial real estate properties like commercial buildings, office buildings and commercial units. Residential real estate properties like condo, townhouse, house & lot and lot only. Agricultural real estate properties like, piggery, poultry, farm lots and farm lands. Guaranteed fast processing, best commercial real estate loan, best residential real estate mortgage loan and real estate financing company or lending company. We offer one of the lowest interest rate, real estate mortgage interest rates varies on the type of property and terms of payment ranging from 0.75% - 0.83% per month up to 5 years to pay. We can assist you on your real estate mortgage loan application, loan documents, compare bank loan interest rate, loan estimate with residential Real Estate Mortgage Loan Calculator & Commercial real estate mortgage loan rates calculator. Apply Online Now! Visit website at Read Qualifications and Requirements then click apply now button and fill-up web form. Mortgage real estate property can give you big sum of money to finance your project or for business expansion. Real Estate Finance? We are the best choice! better than bank loans because we are the fastest in processing when it comes to real estate financing and real estate mortgage loans. You may visit Youtube loan video here:

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 Posted on : February 21, 2016

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